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Our Mission

The Mass is the “Source and summit of the Christian life”1. Our goal at MassLivestream is to help bring the Mass to those who would otherwise not have access. From allowing the sick and homebound of a parish to be part of the community to sharing specific ceremonies such as marriages and baptisms with family around the world, we have seen firsthand the positive effects that livestreaming can have for a parish.

We enjoy working directly with parishes, and understand that different parishes have different livestreaming needs. Our goal is to help any church interested to get set up and livestreaming as part of the MassLivestream community as easily as possible.

Our Service

The core of the MassLivestream platform is 24/7 livestreaming for parishes. This allows for the capture of all Masses and events with little effort once setup has been completed. The livestream can be viewed directly on the MassLivestream website in any web browser, on a TV through our Roku app, or integrated directly into a parish’s existing website for ease of access.

In addition to livestream, recordings can be set up for Masses and other events. Recordings can then be easily clipped or replayed in our video interface, as well as downloaded and shared. These are just a few of the features MassLivestream offers.

For more information on how MassLivestream can be used at your church, visit the overview page linked below or contact us.